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Toy mini aussies

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Toy/Mini Aussie
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About the Mini Aussies

Abby x Cooter July 2008

Abby x Cooter March 2009

Abby x Cooter December 2009

Adult dogs and older puppies for sale

Amy x Bing Feb. 2013

Amy x Sexy October 2013

Augies 1st litter

Augies 2nd litter

Augies 3rd litter

Aussie pedigrees

Our adult dogs

Bailey's July 2005 pups

Bailey's Nov 2006 puppies

Bangle kitten litter October 2005

Belle's Oct 2005 pups

Belle's May 2006 puppies

Billie x Cooter April 2008

Billie x Cooter Sept 2008

Billie x Hotshot September 2009

Billie x Hotshot March 2010

Bindy's  Dec 2008 puppies

Bindy x Cinch puppies March 2010

Brandy and pups

Brandy and Mick's Litter Jan 4, 2004

Brandy and Mick's Litter July 2004

Brandy and Toby July 2005 pups

Brandy and Jackpot January 2006

Bred by page

Brooke May 2008 puppies

Brooke January 2009 puppies

CH. Cantina x Fenix April 2011

Carabelle x Jake puppies Jan 2010

Cassie x Cooter January 2009


Chaser x Thunder April 2011

Chica x Vegas Oct. 2009

Claire's Sept 2005 pups

Claire's Feb 2005 pups

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Contract Page (bred female or adult)

Cowgirl's November 2006 puppies

Dolly Mae's October 2005 puppies

Donna x Opossum January 2009

Dottie x Jake Jan 2009 puppies

Dottie x Jake Sept. 2009 puppies

Ducky x Hotshot Sept. 2009

Dye x Opossum June 2004

Ears, how to fix a fly away ear on a puppy

Fancy x Cooter March 2011

Female Mini Aussies

Fendi x Cooter October 2009

Fly x Cooter Jan 2009 puppies

Foxy x Cooter Oct. 2008

Foxy x Knight November 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Future breeders (upcoming stars!)

Gia x Vegas May 2009

Gia x Vegas April 2011

Gigi's October 2005 puppies

Gigi's May 2006 puppies

Hallie's May 2004 Puppies

Hallie's Dec 2004 Puppies

Hallie's July 2005 puppies

Hallie's Feb 2006 puppies

Hallie's Oct 2006 puppies

Helen x Vegas December 2009

How Could You??

I am a breeder

Jamie x Vegas January 2010

Jasmine x Jake January 2010

Jazz's Sept 2004 Puppies

Jazz April 2005 Puppies

Jazz October 2005 puppies

Jazz Sept 2006 Puppies

Jenna x Cowboy Nov 2007

Jenna x Cowboy July 2008

June Bug x Cooter April 2006

Kallie's May 2004Puppies

Kallie's Dec 2004 puppies

Kallie's July 2005 puppies

Kee's June 2006 Puppies

Kee x Jackpot April 2008

Kee x Vegas Dec. 2008

Kennel pictures before and after

Kenya's May 2004 Puppies

Kenya's Dec 2004 Puppies

Kenya's Sept 2005 puppies

Kiwi's May 2004 puppies

Kiwi's May 2005 puppies

Kiwi's December 2005 puppies

Lara's Sept 2004 Puppies

Lara's April 2005 Puppies

Layla x Cooter April 2010

Layla x Cooter April 2011

Leah x Augie March 2009

Leah x Hotshot Sept. 2009

Leah x Hotshot Feb. 2010

Lindsey x Booger March 2006

Lindsey's July 2007 Puppies

Lindsey x Cowboy Sept. 2008

Maddy's May 2004 Puppies

Maddy's Dec 2004 Puppies

Maddy's June 2005 Puppies

Maggie Feb 2006 puppies

Maggie's October 2006 Puppies

Maggie's May 2007 Puppies

Maggie x Cooter Sept. 2008

Maggie x Cooter March 2009

Maggie x Cooter November 2009

Male Adult Aussies

Medical Page

Mini puppies available

Monster x Cooter April 2011

Nakita x Munchkin October 2013

Newest of News

Nikki's May 2004 Puppies

Nikki's June 2005 Puppies

Nyx x Cooter Oct. 2009 litter

Opal x Ranger May 2009 litter

Our Kennel

Panda x Cooter Dec. 2008

Panda x Hotshot Feb. 2010

Past dogs

Patty x Vegas May 2009

Peggy Sue October 2013

Penny x Hotshot October 2009

Piper's litter December 2009

Piper x Jake July 2010

Pistol x Agent October 2013

Potty Training your puppy

Puppies available now

Puppies ready to go now

Red Cowgirl x Sly June 2008

Red Cowgirl x Jake Dec 2008

Reflection of Stormy Sept 2006 puppies

Reflection of Stormy July 2007 puppies

Reno x Cooter July 2008

Reno xo Cooter March 2010

Riley x Cinch Sept. 2009

Rosie's litter Nov 2005

Sadie's December 2005 litter

Satch x Knight Oct. 2008

Satch x Topper Jan 2010

Satch x Vegas Feb 2011

Satisfied Owners quotes & pictures

Sassy x Topper Jan 2009 puppies

Sassy x Topper Jan 2010 puppies

Savannah's July 2006 puppies

Savannah x Cooter May 2008

Schnauzers for sale

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Shania x Vegas Jan 2009 puppies

Shania x Vegas July 2009

Sidney's litter April 2006

Skits x Booger January 2006

Sky x Vegas June 2009

Sky x Vegas December 2009

Snickers October 2005 puppies

Snickers x Cooter July 2006

Snorkie litter November 2005

Sophie's October 2005 puppies

Sophie x Topper March 2009 puppies

Sophie x Cinch October 2009 puppies

Special's page

Splash x Topper Feb. 2009

Stolen Puppy

Storm's Puppies May 2004

Storm's Jan 2005 Pups

Storm's July 2005 pups

Stormy's litter Jan 2004

Stormy's litter Sept 2004

Stormy's April 2005 Puppies

Talula March 2011

The breeds we raise

Toy Aussies

Toy puppies available

Toots March 2005 Puppies

Toots August 2006 puppies

Treasure x Bing April 2011

Upcoming Stars and New Arrivals


What's next?  So you want to buy a puppy...!

What's New

Whisper x Sly Jan 2009 puppies

Wickett x Vegas Jan. 2010

Yorkie Puppies

Zipper's January  2005 Puppies

Zippers October 2005 puppies

Zipper's June 2006 puppies

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