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Date ______________________

This purchase contract, is between, Porter Horses, herein referred to as the "Breeder" and ___________________________________, and herein referred to as the "Buyer".

Buyers' address__________________________________________________________
Phone numbers__________________________________________________________
E-Mail Address __________________________________________________________

Total purchase price $__________

Amount of deposit $__________ (Minimum deposit of one-half of total purchase price is required, deposit is Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable.)

Amount due $__________ All monies due before Buyer attains possession.

Miniature Australian Shepherd  Color:________________________

SIRE: _______________________DAM: ________________________

date of birth: ___/_____/___

Estimated whelp date: ___/____/____ If applicable.

Sire of expected litter:_____________________ If applicable.


The dog has a 72 hour health guarantee from the date of sale. During this period the buyer must have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian - a check up. If the dog does not get a check up this contract is null and void. After 72 hours dog has no other guarantees of any kind.  Adult dogs are not guaranteed against genetic defects.  If the dog is found to have an untreatable disease within the 72 hours, he/she may be returned to the breeder for another puppy/dog of equal value, provided:

       1.  The dog is in the same condition as upon sale date.

       2. A written statement from 2 licensed veterinarians as to the health reason necessitating the return, along with contact information for the veterinarians.

All shipping is paid by the buyer.  NO exceptions.

No money will be refunded under any circumstances.

 All dogs are sold as pet quality.  This DOES NOT mean they are not show/breeding quality.  NO RESTRICTIONS are put on my puppies/dogs unless otherwise discussed.  You buy her, she's yours.  I just ask that if you breed, you do so responsibly.  Do this at your own risk.  Complications can arise and I will not be responsible.  The breeder is liable only to the extent stated in this contract. No further guarantees, either verbal or implied will be honored.

If this adult dog is being sold bred, I can have her ultra sounded at 30 days to insure that she is bred at the buyer's request.  If she is not bred for any reason, buyer will have first option to buy her at a lower price unless other options are discussed before hand.  If buyer takes a bred bitch before she's far enough along for an ultrasound and she was sold as "guaranteed bred" I will ship gladly ship semen at anytime.  I do not guarantee her to have live puppies, to raise the puppies, or to have more litters.  I do not guarantee size, color of the puppies or quality of the puppies.  All I guarantee is that she is bred.  She can also be vet checked before she leaves to insure that she is healthy.   Any vet costs other than the ultrasound after the deposit has been put down on the dog will be the responsibility of the buyer.

If you're buying a male to breed I do not guarantee him to have viable semen, I do not guarantee him to actually breed.  If he is an adult I will make sure he has both testicles descended before he leaves.  When you buy a dog to breed, you take a chance just like we all do.  Please understand I'm just being upfront. 

If there is any health concerns prior to the purchase of the dog, tests should be done before the dog is shipped to its location at the buyers expense. 

Adult dogs generally need teeth cleaned.  This applies to any dog older than 9 months old.  This is normal.  If you would like teeth cleaned before the dog is shipped, this must be discussed before the vet appointment for health certificate.  Some vets make a big deal of it and some consider it normal.  Even house dogs could use their teeth cleaned regularly.  We do not clean every one of our dogs teeth every year.  If there are questions about this- ask before shipping.  There are no guarantees on cleanliness of teeth as this is normal and can be taken care of at your vet clinic or here before they leave at buyers expense. 

Buyer agrees to give Breeder first option to buy the dog back if for any reason it needs to be placed or sold.

In the event of any dispute, it is agreed the place of venue shall be in Comanche County, Oklahoma.

I, the undersigned, have read and understand the above statements contained and agree to abide by same. I further understand that if I violate any part of said contract, the entire contract will be null and void.




4.     Signature of Buyer


5.     Lindsey Porter of Porter Horses

Porter Horses