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The boys of Porter Horses



Agent...well, he's 1 in a million.
He has the best personality an Aussie can have.  He's inquisitive, loving, trusting, friendly, playful, a major goofball, proud, confident and sometimes a little cocky.  He's a wiggly ball of fur that you just want to cuddle, but he's so darn busy giving kisses and clowning around that he's not the best snuggler until after he's settled down for the day. 
He's 10 inches tall, at a little over a year old he weighs about 8 pounds. I expect him to weigh a little closer to 10 pounds when he's mature.  Boys tend to really fill out about the time they turn 2. He is a daughter of CH. Lindsey's Doin' It Hollywood Style and CH. Lindsey's Tyler.  Hollywood is a daughter of CH. Porter's Piper and CH. Our Blue Jake.  Piper is by a dog I still own today named CH. Satch.  I can keep going back 2 more generations on his mothers side. He's 5th generation my breeding.  That's something to be proud of. :)

Agent pictured with his Daddy, Tyler.

                                                       Enjoying a little 'Dead Puppy' love!  He's such a ham!

Interesting fact:  Agent has earned a nick name that has stayed with him so far and I'm sure will forever.  It's Dead Puppy. 
Some of you know the story (or have met him) and agree that it fits, others are going...WHAT?! Dead Puppy?
Yes, that's what he answers to most of the time.  Here is the story...
When he was a tiny little guy he had the same wild personality he has now.  He would run and play until he just couldn't go anymore.  Puppies (especially tiny ones) need plenty of rest between playtimes.  So he'd run till he was just give out and then crash wherever he was standing.  He'd pass out in the middle of the pasture, half way between here or there...he'd just go to sleep.  At first I was worried (worried about hypoglycemia/low blood sugar) so I offered him canned food which he'd always gobble right up but he quickly learned if he'd fall over and play dead that I'd give him canned food.  The challenge was that he might think of it and start his little game while he was across the yard or behind some grass.  Remember, he was only knee high to a grasshopper.  So finding him was a challenge.  I'd start looking for him and hollering...where's my dead puppy?  He'd lift his head up until I saw him then drop his head back down.  As soon as I got to him with canned food, he was so happy and proud of himself, how could I not give it to him!?  So began the name Dead Puppy.  Still at over a year old, sometimes when he sees me coming he'll flop his normally very wiggly body over on the ground.  Only lifting up his head to make sure I see him so he gets his yummy canned food.   Of course, it still works.  Every time.
So when you hear me affectionately refer to one of my dogs as 'Dead Puppy', you know the story and you know he earned that silly name.



Flint is a young, upcoming son of Agent's.  Pistol is his mother so this combines 2 of my favorite bloodlines.  Besides an extensive 'home raised' pedigree that includes tons of champions, his personality is so much like his dads.  He's so sweet, always wiggling and wanting love.  Very soft natured and lives to please me.  He is happiest at my feet.  Flint is just under 11 inches tall.  I'll be getting more pictures of him soon!



Richie is new here!  He's just under 14 inches tall. 
So far he's producing some beautiful babies with awesome copper and a beautiful blocky head!
Richie has earned his championship title.





 He's 6 months old on Christmas Eve, these pictures were taken on 12-13.
He's currently 11 inches tall and is one stout little dude.

 If you're interested or know my dogs very well you might be interested to know who he's related to.
He is a son of CH. Billie Holiday "Mama" Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show producer.
1/2 brother (mom's side) to CH. Supernatural Request, CH. Rebel Chic, CH. Whatulookinat, CH Leah (multi-CH producer) to name a few that live here!
His sire is CH. Lindsey's Bada Bing who has also produced multiple champions to date.
I kept this cute boy, his big brother who is a black tri and a black tri female.  If you look up those sisters of his, you'll see why! (they're on my toy aussies page)
This guy has the confident personality, the beautiful gate Bing has and the conformation to be a great asset here.  If you have a name that fits him, email me!
Watch my page for updates as he fills out and grows some hair throughout the winter months.

Sexy has earned his CHAMPIONSHIP title!




Moon is 14 inches tall.  Tons and tons of coat, beautiful conformation and an outstanding temperament to top it off.  He's a 'Cooter/Spike' boy so he definitely has his sweet and loving personality. 




New pics of Rock! LOVE watching them grow up!

as a young man

Rock is a son of Kendra and Hotshot.  Like both of his parents, he's been shown and has earned his championship title in conformation.  He's 11 1/2 inches  tall and is a nice stocky boy.  His he has a couple of siblings hitting the show ring in the future.  One of which is a double blue eyed tri.  Rock has a wonderful outgoing personality. He's always the first one to jump in my arms as soon as I get into his yard. 



This is Spinner!  He's one of my favorite little males.  I'm really looking forward to keeping some of his puppies and watching them grow up.  He was born here, but he's an outside bloodline for me.  Both of his parents are championed as well as a couple of his littermates.  What a cute little dog with a great personality.  He's 11 inches tall. 





He's just so flippin' fun, I couldn't' think of a better name. :)

Flip is a son of Mandi and Hotshot.  7 months old in pictures. 10 inches.
Flip earned his championship title!


CH. Lindsey's Lucky Clover is by CH. Agent and CH. Pistol
Clover is a happy, outgoing guy with a higher drive.  He's about 14 inches tall.


Herbie is such a cute little man!  He's 12 1/2 inches tall


Orlando is a black tri male out of Rebel Chic and Blues.  He's 13 inches tall.



These guys have an exciting future here!


Stitch's picture should be updated regularly.  He's my house dog.  My love.  My service dog.
He is 13 inches tall.  The perfect dog.  By Rambler and Flint.
Stitch has earned his championship title!


Turbo "Lindsey's Turbo Charged"  is a son of CH. Hotshot and CH. Ink
Expected to be 9-10 inches.  My Hotshot replacement! 
Turbo has earned his championship title!




"Hootie" is 12 inches tall.  He's such a sweet guy and spends a lot of his spare time in the pool or chasing the girls.  He's a very friendly, outgoing and so very handsome!  He is a son of Hotshot and Rebel Chic.
Hootie has earned his championship title.


Player is a very handsome guy with 10 pounds of hair.  He's 12 inches tall and is from champion bloodlines.  He has proven himself to be an outstanding producer of champion quality puppies.
Player has earned his championship title.


CH. Blues "Florida" is just a hair under 14 inches tall.  He is an outside male for me but has been producing some really nice puppies.  Bo, pictured below is one of them. 
Blues has earned his championship title.


CH. Bo is a son of Ditto and Blues.  He did very well at his first dog show.  The judge loved his stocky build and nice blocky head.  He is just under 13 inches tall.
Bo has earned his championship title.


CH. Rover is a young male I kept back out of "Sexy" and Nakita.  He's 12 1/2 inches tall and has the craziest blue eyes I've ever seen.  This guy has earned his championship title!


CH. EZ is a son of Bing and he looks so much like him that it's crazy!  I'm super excited about him. 
He took reserve best in show in his first dog show.  Looking forward to watching him mature.
EZ has earned his championship title!


CH. Dice is a son of Agent and Gambles.  He's 10 1/2 inches tall and Kelsey (showing him) is his favorite person.  He's got Agent's sweet, loving personality to go with his looks.
Dice has earned his championship title!


Willie is an 11 inch son of CH. Sue and CH. Sexy.  Can't help but love his very sweet, quiet and soft personality.  Lots of blue eyed tris in his pedigree. 


CH. Teddy is a son of CH. Mystery and CH. Spinner.  He is 11 inches tall and is so full of personality.  He's one of those that wiggles everywhere he goes and since the day he was born has always been the clown.  Cute, confident and full of surprises.
For those who wonder...
Mystery is by CH. Player and CH. Limbo
Player is by CH. Ditto and CH. Possum
Limbo is by CH. Nakita and CH. Munchkin
Munchkin is by CH. Peggy Sue and CH. Hotshot
Nakita is by CH. Agent and CH. Breanna



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