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So you want to buy a puppy?!  Here is what's next!

    All you have to do is send me an email, or call me at 580-695-7711 to let me know which one you want!  If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help you.  If you just can't decide, tell me what you're looking for and I'll help you pick the puppy for you! 
    The next step is to send a deposit.  The deposit is $1000.  This will hold the puppy until he is ready to go.  Please note, deposits are  non refundable and non transferable.  Puppies are not held with out a deposit.  No exceptions.
    If you would like to pay with PayPal you can send the money to my email address, PorterHorseSales@aol.com .  Sign into your paypal account and then click on 'send money'.  You'll enter my email address to send the money directly to me.   If you pay with PayPal please remember to add 3% to your payment as this is what it costs to use this service.
We also accept Venmo @LindseysAussies or use my cell phone number, 580-695-7711. Venmo has no fee.
Apple Pay is now accepted, it's sent as a text message and there is also no fee with that. Cash app is $LindseysAussies.
    At about 7 weeks, after the balance is paid, we will set a date for you puppy to be shipped to your local airport.
    I know it sounds complicated and scary, but I do it all of the time!  It can be easier on the puppies than driving for hours. 
    You just let me know a date that is good for you and I'll set everything up for you!  I usually ship with Delta airlines, but can use other airlines if needed.
    Shipping includes the crate, health certificate, certificate of acclimation, final vet check,  and is $700-$850.  
Contact me before you send a deposit and make sure I still have the puppy you're looking at.
After we've picked out your puppy, you will need to look over the information below.  There are sign-able links on the puppy agreement page as well as a lot of information about what to expect and things you will need to know.
Thanks for looking at my puppies...I hope this information is helpful.

Have a blessed day!!
Lindsey Porter





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Please check out my FAQ page!
There is tons of useful information!
Here are a few examples:
What do I do when I pick my puppy up? Be prepared, it was a long day and airplane ride.  It is possible he/she may have made a mess in their crate.  A towel might be a handy thing to have just in case.  There will be food on the crate, but a drink of water would be greatly appreciated by your new arrival!  Lots of hugs and kisses are a great welcome!
Is there anything I should NOT do when I pick up my puppy? Yes!  Do not put your puppy on the ground at the airport to go potty!  Hundreds of people a week pick up their new puppies at the airport where you do.  A huge percent of them let their puppies run around where you would and your new puppy could get sick by walking around where other, possibly sick puppies have been.  You can not be too careful.  Wait until you get somewhere your puppy can safely potty where there have not been a bunch of other puppies.  Gas stations and other parking lots are not the best choice either. 
Can I take my puppy to the dog park or Pets Mart? Oh, this is scary.  As explained above, this can be dangerous.  Parvo, among other things, is  very easily transferred and is very contagious.  This kills a huge percent of puppies who get it.  If you have to take your puppy to pets mart, don't put him down and don't let strangers handle your puppy.  Puppies are susceptible to parvo until they've had several sets of shots.
I thought my puppy had shots before it was shipped.  Why is it still so dangerous to take him or her out? Your puppy will be up to date on its shots according to its age when you get it.  Parvo, for example,  is very dangerous and unfortunately can still be contracted after several sets of shots.  You can keep your puppy healthy by making sure its had its full set of shots before you take it to public places!
What shots has my puppy had and what does it need? Your puppy is up to date according to its age when you get him or her.  Here is some information on what shots your puppy has had and still needs!  Vaccinations page
My puppy doesn't seem to have an appetite.
Why is this?   
Puppies can stress when brought into a new environment.  Remember, they've just landed on a new planet!  New smells, tastes, new people and lots of times- new animal friends too.  Understand they're a little nervous and their tummy my feel a little nervous too.  Encourage them to eat.  If they don't eat on their first night home, call me right away!  I have plenty of tips to help you get your new puppy to eat.  Not eating can become serious very quickly.  Do not let it go and assume he'll eat when he's hungry.  Read below about hypoglycemia.  Just because they aren't a fragile toy breed doesn't mean their blood sugar can't drop quickly with  not enough food or rest.  This can be life threatening!
What is hypoglycemia and what are the symptoms? 
What can I do?


HYPOGLYCEMIA, or low blood sugar, is common in toy breed dogs and puppies. Because small Toy Aussie puppies carry little body fat or reserves, if they become overly stressed, miss a meal, over exercise, etc., they may experience a dangerous drop in glucose (sugar) in their blood. This drop causes the puppy to become weak, lethargic, nauseous and generally unwell. Hypoglycemia is LIFE THREATENING if left untreated. You must intervene and get your puppy's sugars up and stabilized.
I have put together a page with information about hypoglycemia.  What to watch for, what to do and when you need to consider going to the vet.  This is not something to mess around with and it's can affect any small puppy no matter how healthy it is. 
Hypoglycemia Information Page
What if I have questions or concerns after I have my puppy?


Call anytime.  Please don't hesitate.  If you have a serious problem and need help you can even call in the middle of the night.  I would be happy to help with anything I can.  I turn my cell phone off when I go to bed but in an emergency you can also try 580-284-3443.
What dog food do you feed?


I only feed Royal Canin.  I feed Mini Adult to my adult dogs and Mini Puppy to my bred dogs and puppies.  If you have a dog that is very active or needs to gain weight, Royal Canin Special is a good choice.  A puppy who is a picky eater?  Royal Canin Baby Dog is something I always keep on hand.  Royal Canin Starter Mousse is apparently really yummy and is something I give my new moms and young puppies.
Here is a link to their website for nutritional info.
Where can I buy this dog food?


Well, this is not the kind of dog food they sell at Walmart.  This is truly a quality dog food.  You can find it at larger chain pet stores.  Pets Mart, Pet Sense, etc. 
If you live close or are picking up your puppy, you can get a bag or 3 from me.  (Royal Canin is all I will feed my dogs)    Several of my customers  come and pick up a bag or two at a time from me on a regular basis.  If you need more than that, I will gladly order more as long as I know before 'order day'.

To read more and even learn about colors and genetics visit my
Frequently Asked Questions page!













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