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I am very excited and proud to introduce my Champion's Page!

All of these dogs are either dogs I've raised or dogs that I have kept several puppies out of and have been a big part of my breeding program. 

Enjoy the page and I will be adding more information and more dogs as I have time.  I am waiting for show pictures for several of these dogs. 

Interested in a puppy of your own to show?  I'll be happy to help you pick out a show quality puppy, walk you through the process and help pay for your first show...maybe even the 2nd!  Call for details.

Last updated 2011-it got way too much to keep up with.
Over 100 born and raised champions, we're proud of them all!





























More coming soon on...
Lindsey's Chasing Magic

New Champions at Porter Horses!
Hot Wheels
Pretty Cool
Mischievous Chic
Laura x Sniper blue merle female puppy
Patty x Vegas blue merle female puppy

Champion Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds that I've shown.
PorterHorses aka Lindsey's Aussies is proud to introduce...
Some are of these wonderful dogs are still here, some have been retired.
Mini Aussie males include

Lindsey's Premonition
Cabalina's Fenix Marcus
Lindsey's Totally Stylin
Smith's Our Blue Jake

Toy Aussie males include

Pocket's Hotshot of Grandivew
Lindsey's Sundance Tyler
Lindsey's Customized Design
Cabalina's Thunder Rolls
Lindsey's Doin it for Cowboy Rowdy
Lindsey's Romeo of Color Country
Lindsey's Bada Bing of Sundance
Porter's Hotshot
Chapman's Spike aka Cooter
Color Country's Rimfire Toad
Lindsey's 10 Inch high Private Eye aka Agent
Porter's Sniper by Waggin Tail Wooly Booger
Porter's Possum
Lindsey's Armed and Dangerous aka Sexy
Lindsey's Lost on a Loan to Color Country
Lindsey's Luck of Las Vegas

Lindsey's Hot Wheels

Mini Aussie Females include

Circle M Rosilee Spitfire
Cabalina's Sasquatch  aka Satch
Allie Out West
Lindsey's Just a Little Bit of Faith
Color Country's Drop Dead Diva
Cabalina's Sophisticated Blues
Porter's Gia

Lindsey's Pretty Cool
Lindsey's Mischievous Chic
Cabalina's Eye of the Raven


Toy Aussie Females include

Lindsey's Life of the Party aka Cantina
Lindsey's Supernatural Request
Lindsey's Rebel Chic
Lindsey's Whatchalookinat
Lindsey's Optical Illusion aka Maybelline
Lindsey's Soul Searcher aka Kendra
Color Country's Cruel Girl
Lindsey's Special Effects
Lindsey's Baby Girl
Lindsey's Made to Order aka Furby
Porter's Mandi
Porter's Piper
Cabalina's Chica Es Caliente
Lindsey's Smiley Kylie
Lindsey's Got a little Bit of Bling
Color Country's Traveling Gypsy
Lindsey's Hot off the Press
Lindsey's Dream Girl aka Barbie
Lindsey's Cookie Monster
Cabalina's One Hot Diva
Porter's Reno
Lindsey's Gamblin on a Romantic Treasure
Porter's Leah
Lindsey's Carbon Copy aka Ditto
Porter's Billie Holiday aka Mama
Lindsey's Sneak Preiew
Lindsey's First Rate Review
Lindsey's Just Dancing with Color Country
Lindsey's Luck of the Draw
Lindsey's Rookie of the Year
Lindsey's Kickin Assets
Lindsey's Perfect Addiction
Lindsey's Chance Worth Taking aka Ashley
Porter's Maggie
Lindsey's Chasing Magic
Lindsey's Doin It Hollywood Style
Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds are listed on my site by size, Mini Aussie Females and Toy Aussie Females.  There is also a males page.
The females on my Toy Aussie page are listed by color.  Blue merle first, then Red Merle, Black Tri and then Red tri.
You can find pedigrees on my Aussie Pedigree page.

You'll find pictures of the dog shows we've been to on my Lindsey's Aussies aka PorterHorses facebook page!  Watch for special discounts!





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