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My website is updated every day.  New litter pictures once a week. 
 If you're looking for updates, try reloading.  
Last updated:
September 17, 2020 08:06 PM

Puppies  Available

~Videos added~
Check each litter page for videos or 
check my YouTube channel.*

Just made available!


13-15 inches mature. 

Toy litter- 1 female available
12-13 inches mature

1 blue merle male
 available in this litter
We have more litters due in August and September.
Dogs listed below are currently bred.
Expecting parents Estimated sizes
Rusty & Rover
Kay & Rover
Twila & Orlando
Boots & EZ
Rodeo & Rover
Maddie & Rock
Flirt & Levin
Raze & Bo
12-14 inches
11-13 inches
13-15 inches
13-14 inches
13-14 inches
11-12 inches
12-14 inches
13-14 inches

Litters listed in expected order of whelping dates. Estimated sizes are based on past litters and what these specific dogs have produced.  Some of these are repeat crosses.  Also, there will be exceptions.  Bigger & littler ones in some litters. This is just a guide so you know what's coming. 


These puppies in this video are all spoken for, but they just aren't old enough to go yet.  While they are here- we are having a blast with them!  Follow my YouTube channel for more videos, we love to share the smiles!  


For other customers who are waiting for puppies, updates are done on the litter pages and you can check my YouTube channel.


Some of my older pups have been moved to this page.
 Available puppies will be ready to go first of July!
All current ready to go puppies are spoken for.
Puppies can be picked up or delivered to your doorstep! Just ask! 

We have our own driver that handles ONLY our puppies.  Safety first!
They are still posted for families to see updates
 as they get ready to go home.

All spoken for

Sophie's litter have all been spoken for.

This litter has all been spoken for.


Deposits on upcoming puppies?
This is something that I have never done.   I usually tell people to wait, keep their money and put a deposit down on one when they find the one they want.  However, due to incredible demand, I'm going to start accepting deposits on upcoming litters.  I will keep a running list on who gets first pick and so on.  If you want to place a deposit, please call me first so we can talk about what you are looking for and get all of your info and wish list in my book.  Deposits are $500.  They are non refundable as I will be saving your spot in line for the puppy of your choice.
If you'd like to wait until you find the one you want- I don't blame you!  That is totally fine too.  Without a deposit, the best way to get notifications is to follow my YouTube channel.  Click the bell and get notifications when I post videos of new, available puppies.
www.youtube.com/c/lindsey682 is my YouTube channel.
Call or text to find out where you can be on the list and for more details about the deposits on these exciting litters!
Lindsey   580-695-711


Litter updates done on all of my litters that are spoken for!
If you don't have the link to your puppy's litter, text me and I'll send it to you.
Also, check my YouTube channel for videos I've been posting. 


All of my 6-8 week old puppies playing together.
I hope you enjoy their clumsiness as much as I do!

When available, blue eyed tris will be featured on this page.


All prices subject to change without notice. 
If you don't have a deposit on a puppy- the asking price could change at anytime. 
Of course, a deposit will hold your puppy at the price agreed when purchased.


I'm doing updates on my website.  These are important links/icons I don't know what to do with yet.  Just trying to clean it up a bit. 
Thanks for overlooking my construction in progress! :)
Seen my homepage?  It's changed for the first time in 15 years.








As always, I have the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone I don't feel comfortable with for any reason.

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