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Horses of the Past                             

Here are just a few examples of some of the horses we have had the privilege to own!

Cute isn't she? Classy color.  This filly went to West Virginia. This mare was just an old gentle pet. She went to Oklahoma City! Poco Mack Marshall. What an awesome yearling stallion! Diva, a reg'd paint. Only a yearling in this pic, she's now a barrel horse. What beautiful color! This mare needed someone as big as her attitude! She found her match!


Awesome appy gelding. Had cutting  training and is now back in training. This guy was sure neat. Looked just like dads horse! WoW! I get lots of comments on this guy! Everyone wants one of him! Cool isn't he? yearling old Freckles Playboy gelding.  He is now a wonderful kid horse. This picture does this young stallion no justice.He is now residing in Stillwater, OK


This guy had been winded on the track. We rescued him and found him a great home. This is our mini donkey, Donkey getting a hug from Justin. Looks like he likes it? Splash. The name fits him. Neat markings huh? Pictured above. Everyone wanted her but not everyone could handle her. She found her perfect  match! This girl was very shapely and well bred!  I've tried to buy her back but can't convince the buyer to sell her. I don't blame him!  She's sure a nice one!


Jim is very good minded and wanted nothing more than to please you. Wish they were all as great as him! a small group of horses we had in the summer of 2003.  During this summer we had 30 horses at any time for sale! Charley was one of those horses you don't come across too often. Young, very broke and very gentle, w/ color! Kid, a 2 year old with APHA points in longe line she was great with an awesome disposition.


Big reg'd AQHA mare.  She had tons of athletic ability. After 30 rides she was ready to go in any direction! Me giving donkey a big hug.  He is such a love bug. Great babysitter too! Poco Mack Marshall.  I bought him as a yearling from Il. He was awesome!. He now stands in Texas. This Poco Bueno mare I bought as a yearling, rode 5 times and sold. Bought her back 2 years  later not knowing until 3 days later who she was!  What a sweetie!


Boones Millennium Majik. Was 14.3 at 12 months old. She is now a barrel racer! Pictured as a yearling. Ain't this little fella a cutie!? Reg'd Mini. He was 21 yrs old in this pic & could still kick a Belgian's butt! Loved kids, but horses beware, he's tough! Like grays?  I had a hard time convincing my husband to sell this 2 yr old filly. She was cute & very good natured! He's big!  He was over 15 hands as a 2 yr old. He's now an excellent trail horse & started on barrels.


3 yr old gelding, pictured, first ride. This horse had never been saddled.  We got on him and rode him right off.  Now a kid horse.  He was a great guy! Sire of 3 yr old app.  At 5 was not broke. He was as easy as his son. He is now a bombproof kid horse.  Can't beat that disposition! Group of 2 year olds early spring.  Buckskin paint filly, Arab / foxtrotter filly and red roan appy filly in the back.  Settling in to their new home. These were two gentle riding horses.  One is being used for therapeutic riding and the other is a trail/parade horse! 


Chokey, a 3 year old gelding. Started on barrels. Big and pretty isn't he? Blue. This is one of the gentlest, willing 2 year olds we've started. He had it all going for him. He's got a great home! This is Yella, Justin's 'keeper horse'. He's had him for 15 yrs. He's shoeing him in the pic w/ grandpa looking on. Isn't this filly pretty!  I LOVED how flashy she was. Gentle too! She lives in Texas!  


Small group of colts. In 2003 we sold over 50  babies for $100-300.  They made good 4H projects!  This was a classy guy.  Pretty headed and perfectly marked.  We had people fighting over him!! Here is a group of just started 2 year olds that we had for sale.  Some were reg'd some not.  We sold over 200 horses in 2003 to satisfied owners!! 


This mare was an absolute HAG!  She was supposed to be a 'kid horse'. She went to a roping trainer and is now a great calf horse! We got this guy thin and hungry.  He filled out nicely and found a home very quickly! Traded his down payment for a pair of 'Toby Kieth' concert tickets! This is one of the gentle miniature donkeys we bought.  Pictured, our niece with a young jack.  Mini donkeys have a lot better dispositions than ponies! This mare was big and had awesome conformation. Sorry 'bout the bad pic!  She sold the day I bought her.  She was one of those, 'first person that looked at her took her' horses!


Breathtaking yearling palomino filly.  She now lives with a friend of mine who plans to use her for mounted shooting, trail riding and show! This guy was started but never finished. Great minded, just needed someone with knowledge. Worked out great for a nice man in Texas! He must have liked the gelding, pictured left.  He bought this paint mare too! She had been used in the feedlot for 3 years. That's broke! Big, nice, reg'd mare. This little pony sure was cute.  I don't usually buy ponies but she had a kind eye and I couldn't pass her up.  A return customer of mine bought her for her daughter as a hunter/jumper  pony!


Everybody fought over this awesome guy!  Sold him overnight!!  He was halter bred top and bottom.  But he was also a nice ride!  He's in Fletcher Oklahoma! Black and white, big, flashy gentle guy! We'd like more of him!  He was another one that everyone wanted! This filly was one of the smartest babies we started riding.  Very easy and gentle!  She's being trained as a barrel horse! Everyone loved this floppy eared paint!  He came from giddy up and go, gentle as they come! 


Big nice, buckskin/dun gelding, if only they all looked like this!  He is a beautiful horse!  He's now a hard working horse on a big ranch! 2 year old paint stud colt.  He was easy to break and be around! This is Warrior!  We got him at a sale, he was wild & a little beat up.  Justin didn't want to buy him, but I wanted him!  Sure enough, just as we unloaded him someone bought him! Quick sale! Well, he's not a horse of the past, as of now...I have had him for a long time and I just can't part with him!  He's such a sweet guy!  Sizzlin' Sonny Sug.


A gentle smooth mouth mare.  She was as broke as they come, gentle enough for beginners and good lookin'! Reg'd Palomino mare. She is 15.2, awesome conformation and a wonderful disposition!  What a great all around mare! Ole Buck.  Everyone likes a pretty buckskin!  Especially one with this build!  He went to a wonderful forever home! This is PA!  He's the gentlest mini donkey out there!   And what a personality!



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