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Blue eyed tris available!


This little girl is hiding out on this page only.  She is a daughter of Trouble and Nacho.
Both parents are 10 inches tall.  Trouble is a double blue eyed tri.  Nacho is a 10 inch son of Turbo.
June 20th


Tiny black tri female with 1/2 collar.  She should be about 12-13 inches.  $3500
1 & 1/2 blue eyes.  Looks like the left eye is blue on the bottom. 
Will be able to tell more for sure when the sun comes out again and as she gets a bit older.




Fancy x Richie  11-10-2018
Black tri female with one blue eye. She should be about 11 inches tall.
Measured just under 11 inches on 5-8-19  $3500  SPOKEN FOR!


Zoey is by Deja Vu x Zippo 12-30-2018
Black tri female- 1 blue eye.  Will be about 11 inches tall.  $3500
For now, she's staying here.  She's bred!


Gabby x Stitch repeat litter. 8-30-19
This girl has 2 blue eyes and is a mini.  Will be about 16 inches tall.

Harley x Clint black tri male.  Should be about 11-12 inches tall.
DOB May 13, 2019
SPOKEN FOR! Living in Colorado!


Look at this double blue eyed tri female, with a tail!
Smaller girl in this litter.  Should be 13 inches tall.
By Mixer x Focus DOB 8-22-19


Gabby x Stitch repeat litter. 8-30-19
This boy is the smallest boy in the litter.  He should be about 13 to 14 inches tall.
He has 1 1/2 blue eyes, nice copper and a full collar.
Going to Georgia to a horse show home!


Black tri female, partial blue eye with a tail. 
Will be about 14 inches tall.
By Mixer x Focus DOB 8-22-19


Gabby x Stitch repeat litter. 8-30-19
This boy has 2 full blue eyes.  He will be about 14 inches tall. 
SPOKEN FOR!  Going to Houston, TX!


Deja x Stitch 12-12-2018
Smallest black tri female with a partial blue eye.  She will be about 11-12 inches tall.  $2100


Lexie x Stitch DOB 6-20-2019.  Should be about 14 inches.
Double blue eyed tri female, nice markings too! $3500 with breeding rights


Flirt  x  Orlando  2-20-2018
Black tri male with minimal copper.  He also has a full collar with one blue eye.  $1800



Badger x Rock 10-28-18
Black tri female with one blue eye.  She will be 10-11 inches tall.  $3000



Blink    Stitch x Deja   DOB 4-15-18
Double blue eyed tri male, he's 14 1/2 inches tall and is super sweet and friendly.
Both parents testing on website.
All clear


Red tri male with one blue eye.  $2500  SPOKEN FOR


Sage x Stitch April 23, 2019
Red tri female with big full collar. 
Looks like 1 1/2 blue eyes  $3000

Jacob is a double blue eyed tri male.  I kept him back out of Sage and Stitch.  As some of you know, I kept several son's of Stitch back for my program.  Of the ones I kept, I chose to keep one that was related to the fewest of my females. 
He has an outstanding personality.  He gets along with other males, puppies, animals of all kinds and kids.  He loves  people and is very soft hearted and gentle natured.   He has been in the house, on a leash, taken on car rides and absolutely adored by everyone.  For those looking to add a dog with great temperament to your program or just looking for a beautiful pet, he may be one to consider!  $3500
Stitch x Sage DOB 8-27-2018  14 inches
Stitch is a blue merle. Tested full panel clear.
Sage is a double blue eyed red tri. Tested clear except mdr1 carrier.


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