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Kallie and Canyon's puppies!

Kallie had 6 puppies on May 13th!
These guys already have a ton of copper!


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Mom, Kallie, is one of our favorites.  She is 15 inches tall and as you probably know, she is a sister of Brandy & Kiwi's.  She is very sweet, always smiling and such a wonderful mom.  Her copper is about the same color as Canyon's.  Very deep and rich!  We're very proud of this litter she gave us!  They are going to make their new owners very proud!

Canyon has surpassed even our highest expectations! We get lots of compliments on him! (thanks! We enjoy emails like that!)  He is 15 inches tall and his conformation is unbeatable!  Put him next to a standard & except for size you couldn't find a difference!  


This Blue Merle Male is AWESOME!  He's going to be just as nice as his dad, only with a lot more flash!  He's got all of the white, copper and personality you could want in a stud dog or a pet!  
SOLD!  Thanks Kathy!



Check out this beautiful girl!  Isn't she striking!?  
She's $1150

SOLD! Thanks Debbie, Jim, Kevin, Kaitlyn!



This guy sure is cute isn't he?  He, like the rest of the litter has nice conformation, and my favorite, that dark copper!  He's really cute and he's always wrestling with someone! 


Thanks Tom and Christina!



This little girl is irresistible!  As much as I'd like to keep her here, I have too many other people already in love with her...Guess I better sell her.  


SOLD! Thanks Shelley!



 She's a beautiful little girl.  She's small but she is always the one on the top when they're all wrestling!  She thinks she's the big girl! 

SOLD!  Thanks Kelly!

Pictured with Storm's Blue Merle Female




Another great example of my photography skills.  These pics don't do the puppies justice. This little guys is absolutely beautiful.  He's the smallest of the litter and he's red factored!! He's really nice and would make someone a nice stud prospect or a very devoted pet! $550

Pictured with Storm's Red Merle Females.  He's already got the girls figured out!  He's quite the ladies man!!

SOLD! Thanks Kevin and Virginia!

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