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Brandy and Toby's litter
July 8, 2005


BRANDY in a playful pose!
Brandy is 16 inches Toby is 15 inches

REMEMBER: Buy 2 shipping is free!

Blue merle male, half collar  $700  Sold! Thanks to the Andersons of ID!


Blue merle female, full collar $1000 SOLD!  Thanks to the James' of OH!


Red merle female $1000  SOLD! Thanks to the James' of OH!


Black tri female, half collar  $900  SOLD!  Thank you again Bart & Tina of Fl!  I know it was a hard decision! :)


Blue merle male, tons of copper $700  SOLD! 


Blue merle male, 2 blue eyes!  $700  SOLD!  Thanks Gabriel of CA!


Blue merle male, full collar $700 SOLD!  Thanks Cathi of Texas! 


Black tri male almost a full collar!  $700 SOLD! Thanks to the Henderson's of SC


New pics of available pups!

Blue merle male, half collar 1 blue and 1 marbled blue eye, dark blue with dark copper!!  SOLD!

Black tri female, half collar.  She already grins!!  SOLD!

Blue merle male.  STRIKING bright blue eyes and lots of copper!  SOLD!


Black tri female, half collar $900
Blue merle male, half collar, $700
Black tri male, almost full collar $700  SOLD!
Blue merle male, least white $700
Blue Merle male $700
Red merle female $1000
SOLD!  Thanks Chad and Candy of OH!
Blue merle female, full collar $1000
SOLD!  Thanks Chad and Candy of OH!
Blue merle male, full collar $700

Pictures updated August 4th...


Brandy's pups, 3 days old.

Brandy's last litter...CLICK HERE!
See some of her other puppies, on my satisfied owners page!!


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