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Emoji x CH. Focus

December 20, 2020

8 weeks on Feb 14, 2021

Emoji is 13 1/2 inches tall
Focus is 14 inches tall

This litter should mature at 13-14 inches tall.


This is Carsyn's favorite litter.
Emoji's litter is always her favorite.  They get lots of extra love!

These puppies are different sizes.  They should mature between 12-14 inches.
Emoji is known to throw different sizes in her litters.  (We've gotten pretty good at this over the years:) )

Carsyn plays with her favorite litter between helping me break ice during our winter storm!




Very small blue merle female with 2 ice blue eyes.
Lots of white on her face and unique merling.
Should be around the 12/13 inch range.
SPOKEN FOR!  Going to Yantis, Texas


 SPOKEN FOR!  She's going to live with her sister from an earlier litter in CA!




SPOKEN FOR! Going to live in New Mexico!



We were going to keep this male for our breeding program.
After lots of soul searching we just can't justify another male at this time.
We love his pedigree and what both his mom and dad produce.  Especially this cross.
But, we're going to hold off until this summer/fall to keep some back.
SPOKEN FOR!  Going to Sugarland, Texas


SPOKEN FOR!  Going to live with a Veteran in Texas!

Males on the top - females on the bottom.


I'll try my best on descriptions...

Blue merle female most white on her face  
Blue merle female with 2 colors of merling (Black right ear) SPOKEN FOR!
Blue merle female with least white SPOKEN FOR! 
Smallest blue merle male with most white left black eye SPOKEN FOR!
Normal marked blue merle male SPOKEN FOR.
Blue merle male with big dark gray patches SPOKEN FOR!
Blue merle male with full collar 2 black ears & dilute spots  
Small blue merle male with most dark markings SPOKEN FOR.



Emoji's last litter
(not for sale, only reference)





Who is Emoji?  She's a daughter of Puzzle.

A few more of Puzzle?


Puzzle  is a daughter of CH. Maybelline and CH. Tyler. 


Maybelline is a daughter of  CH. Leah and CH Hotshot (The red merle, Hotshot)

Maybelline's sire; Hotshot



Tyler; Puzzle's sire.


Tyler has sired many outstanding puppies.  One of my favorites...
Agent.  He's 10 inches...You will find more of him on my male's page.


You can find a lot more of his puppies on my website.  Along with his grand puppies and great grand puppies. 
All OUTSTANDING quality!  Check them out for yourself.  You'll like. :)

Who is Rock?

He's earned his championship title.  
Meet Rock....he is 11 inches tall.




Rock is a daughter of CH. Kendra and CH. Hotshot


Kendra is a littermate sister to Moon and Rambler.
Kendra refuses to let me get good pictures of her.  These are the best that I have that show her. 
Yes, I realize she looks ginormous, but she's really not.  She's 13 inches tall.  

Who is Focus?
He's a son of CH. Stitch and Gabby.


Focus and his dad Stitch.  They are both house dogs.


Stitch is a son of Rambler and Flint
So-he's a grandson of Agent!


Stitch's dad is CH. Flint (A son of CH. Agent x CH Pistol)


 CH Agent 10 inches.

Agent's parents... CH Hollywood 12 inches and CH Tyler 10 inches.

Hollywood's parents are CH Piper x CH Jake 

Piper is a daughter of CH  Satch x CH Fenix


Gabby is Focus's mom
 Who is Gabby?  She's new here and she is impressive!
Gabby is 15 inches tall.



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