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Crawler & Flip

April 19, 2019

8 weeks old on June 14th

This litter should mature at 12-13 inches tall

Phantom blue merle or minimal merle male with 1 blue eye $1800
Call him what you want, he's a cutie!
He looks like a black tri with a full collar and 1 blue eye.  However he has a tiny bit of merle on his cheek!


Blue eyed tri sister is also available. 
Pet only for $600 pick up.  $800 if shipped.
Call for more info, she'll go fast!!





Zoo is a daughter of Crawler.  Pictured for reference only.  Not for sale.  But she does have puppies!




Who is Crawler?

She's a daughter of CH. Diva

and Champion Bada Bing

Here is a younger, but full sister to Crawler.
CHAMPION "Lindsey's Special Effects"


Why hasn't Crawler been shown yet?  She's obviously show quality.
Well...honestly...she refuses to walk on a leash.
She has a wonderfully sweet and loving personality.  She is confident and playful.
But you put a leash on her and she becomes this submissive crawling dog that forgot completely how to walk.
Seriously, that's the story.  That's how she got her name too!  She'll crawl figure 8s between your feet until you take the leash off.
Then she's her wonderful, fun loving self again.  Maybe I'll show her some day, but for now...she isn't interested. 

This whole anti leash thing she's got going on also makes it hard to get pictures of her. 
If I turn her loose she's either right under me or too fast to keep up with.
These are just snap shots taken around the yards.

Here is a link to an earlier crawler litter.

Below is Heidi.  I kept her from a previous litter. :)
She is not available.

Young Heidi growing up.  In the last two she's about 6 months old...her teenager stages.
She's got an amazing, loving and outgoing personality.


Who's Sexy?

Sexy is a champion titled son of CH. Billie and CH. Bing.

Here is Champion Bada Bing...

'Mama' is Sexy's mom...
She's been a big part of my breeding program.

Mama kids and grand kids-


And this is Mama's mom and dad.  Jazz and Waggin Tail Wooly Booger.  That's the last generation I bred.

So that means these puppies go back to my bloodlines (my breeding) for 6 generations on both Nakita and Munchkin's side.
Now, that's something to brag about! 

The breeding for this line started with Jazz and Booger on Feb. 3, 2005.


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